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Why MO

Welcome to the budget conscious wedding photography, where I believe that it doesn't have to cost a fortune! friendly, relaxed and professional your photographer will ensure your day is captured in style. Our wedding photography packages are perfect, we'll assist you with planning the perfect photographic coverage and discuss all of your arrangements with you so that we understand each other's needs and requirements.

Benefits of choosing to book with Mo photography?

Why should you consider booking with us over a more expensive alternative? We know weddings can be very expensive, but you should still be able to enjoy great wedding photos, even if you are on a budget.

Reasons to book Mo photography? 

1. Save a ton of money! it not only means you are saving money, but that extra saving can be put towards something else like your honeymoon!

2. Don't pay for any unwanted extras, only pay for what you want. Booking with us allows you to choose your package and customise it to suit your requirements.

3. Editing Process - Don't think that because you aren't paying as much for your wedding photographs that the quality will not be as good. All of your images will be fully retouched to make them look stunning!

4. Equipment - Just because you are aiming to save for your honeymoon, it doesn't mean that my equipment is not up to date. Our Budget Conscious Wedding Photographers use high end cameras and lenses, they also ensure a backup camera is available on the day of the event for any technical difficulties, this means you can relax and know that we have everything in hand to guarantee that your photography session runs smoothly.