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Asian Wedding Tips

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Asian wedding Tips

Mobile phones

On the stage or ceremony please make sure to ask all your guests do not stand infront of us.

Please don't let your guests distract you when they taking pictures of you.

Please WhatsApp me the full addresses of the locations and times 3 days before the day.

Bride preparation

Please hang your wedding dress, Veil & put your jewellery, shoes in good location for Photography and film.

1- pictures with family.

2- individual pictures.

3- leaving house.

4- Getting in car.

You should wait for Photographers to get to the venue or places of worship before you to capture the moment when you come to the venue. Wait  for us to install our equipment and take some pictures of the decoration.

Please give me enough time to go from first location to another.


Muslim, Hindu, Sikh ceremony

Muslim ceremony

1- Please during the ceremony always be sure to Leave a gap for photographers.

2- Cover exchange vows for both side and dua (Prayer).

3- Make sure during sighing the certificate to capture both side.

4-When the bride enters the hall please walk as slowly as possible .

5- Try and leave a gap between the bride and bridesmaids.

Sikh ceremony

1- During The ceremony in the morning please leave a gap for photographers.

2- Please let us know when groom comes to bride house.

3- Please give the Photographer time to go to gurdwara before you.

4- I need about 10 minutes to install my equipment in gurdwara.

5- If  the bride and groom arrive at the gurdwara before the Photographers please wait for us outside so we can  Film your entrance.

6- If there is civil ceremony please make sure to let us know.

Hindu ceremony

1 Please make sure to leave a gap for photographers.

2 Let us know when the bride and groom make their entrance.

Couple pictures

Very very important to capture couple pictures and Filming.

Christian ceremony

When the bride enters the ceremony hall please walk as slowly as possible .

Try and leave a gap between the bride and bridesmaids.

When the best man give you the rings please make sure that he doesn’t stand infront of the bride and groom or the Photographer.

In civil ceremony

During signing the certificate, no  photography is allowed,   We will act this out afterwards to capture this moment.

1 Please pretend to sign again.

2 We will take pictures with witnesses.

3 Bridemaids and best man.

3 The bride and grooms parents

4 Then pictures of bride and groom receiving certificate.

When ceremony finishes ,walk out of the hall but please don’t  leave the registry office or Church

Wait for your guest to leave first.

Please ask guests to form 2 lines at the exit of registry  office or church to let the couple through.

This will allow shots of confetti to be thrown if desired.

End of ceremony

1 Group pictures for everyone.

2 Bride and groom with bridesmaid and best man.

3 Bride and groom with brides parents

4 Bride and groom with grooms parents.

5 Bride and groom with bride relatives and friends

6  Bride and groom with grooms relatives and friends.

7 Group photos if desired.

8  Bride and groom shots for 15 to 30 minutes.

9 flat shoes for outside couple pictures if necessary.

10 If we don't find good location, photos can be taken at the reception.

11 Please leave a suitable space at the bride and grooms table for photographers to take pictures.


Shots of Bride and groom cutting the cake

Then the first dance.


Muslim when you put the scarf on the bride let us get this moment.


We should go to the brides house before you.

When you pick up the bride in the car let us capture this moment.

These steps will ensure that everything runs smoothly and you will capture every moment of your special day.

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